My name is Francesca and I received tutoring services from David when I was taking a Trigonometry course in college. It was such a relief to get help from someone who knew so well how to explain the material and help me understand. David is very knowledgeable in all fields of mathematics; he knew exactly what I didn't understand and was thorough about explaining the problem for me. He demonstrates strong dedication to his clients through his patience and ability to come up with alternate explanations to help each person uniquely.

-Francesca Forno

I would describe David's tutoring style as interactive and engaged; he always tries to help me understand the concept by arriving at the correct answers and making certain that any problems or confusion are cleared up before moving on; He tries to identify my weaknesses as we are working through the material placing an emphasis on those weaknesses to make sure I comprehend the material. I am very thankful to David for helping achieve grades I could never imagine.

-Veronica Rodriguez

Recently after bumping into Mr. Gomez at TAMIU and telling him that I was studying for the LSAT, a test filled with logical analysis, David presented me with the Russel paradox. I was intrigued by this logical absurdity, and consequently David advised me to read Euclid's Elements to improve my ability to think logically, and without consulting him I signed up for a junior level Geometry course which was of a theoretical nature. After the first couple of classes, I realized that I was outside of my comfort zone and I needed help. I called David and he immediately was able to assist me in understanding geometry through careful discussions of definitions, theorems, and how to construct arguments. After many cups of coffee, many instances of positive reinforcement, and multiple approaches to individual problems, which is an illustration of David's patience, I was able to grasp the concepts and pass the course.

-Monica Guerra