Hello! My name is David Christopher Gomez and if you were to describe me in one word, that word would be nice. Many of my friends say that I am too nice. In  any case, I was born and raised in Laredo Texas, a small city on the border of the United States and Mexico. As such I grew up in an environment where I was surrounded by english and spanish: consequently I can speak and understand spanish quite well. I went to school first to Mary Help of Christians and then J. W. Nixon. I wanted more than what high school offered, and that led me to pursue courses at LCC early on. Consequently, I went to college early leaving Laredo to study at Simons Rock College for two years. I then returned to Laredo where I recieved the Bachelors and then Masters Degrees in Mathematics. I also took the TeXeS Mathematics 8-12 exam recieving  a score of 286 out of 300. Additionally I successfully passed the P test; the first in a series of tests one must take if one is considering becoming an actuary. 

I also love to play guitar, to draw, to read, to write, and to engage in activities that stimulate the mind. I love to play chess when I have someone to play with, and I love to hang out with my friends. Coffee is undoubtedly my favourite drink, followed closely by grapefruit juice.