Technological Services

Do you have trouble installing your  toaster and have recently purchased a television, computer, stereo system, or video game and would like assistance connecting it and setting it up?  

Do you want to know all that is possible with Google Services? 

Do you want to know how to take full advantage of your Android Phone? 

Do you want to learn how to use Skype? Google Voice? Viber? 

I CAN provide the assistance that you need with the patience and understanding that you deserve!! .            

Writing Services

Do you need help figuring out a topic for your paper, or how to take an idea and fully develop it into a paper that is worthy of your Name? 

Do you need help constructing solid well developed cohesive arguments that will withstand the muster of the most rigorous judge? 

Do you need someone who can read with you and provide critical guidance, challenge you to become a  more critical thinker, challenge you to express yourself more directly, more fully, and better than you ever have before? 

Do you need help in organizing your paper? 

Call me!! 

David's Food Courier Service

Perhaps you want to order food from a local restaurant but would like for someone else to worry about the logistics of bringing it to your house. With five years of experience as a successful server under my belt, I am well positioned to serve as a courier of food from a restaurant to your location. I can make sure that your order is complete, and that you have a pleasing experience of receiving your food hot and ready for you to eat.  Do you need beverages picked up as well, let me know and I will stop at the store  on your behalf and pick up those beverages that you require. (If you request liquor, I will need to see valid ID.)  Please call with advance notice if you would like beverages picked up so that the beverages can be picked up before the food.